My name is Ahmet Varışlı. I'm from Turkey-Kocaeli-Karamursel. .

I gratuated "Business Administration (BBA)" department from university . In addition I graduated "Public Relations" and "Tourism and Hotel Manegement" departments too. Now I attend " Turkish Language and literature" and "Theology" departments in the university.

I am Muslim. Trusting the God is important for me.
I trust The God really. Teology is one of my departments of University. I have info about all religions and I respect to all of them.

I work different Jobs about Tourism, Teaching, Security etc..

I know English and a mid-level Arabic, Russian and German. My native language is Turkish.

I like to explore countries. I want to travel and live Australia, United States of America,
Russia, Egypt and other countries.

I love nature and animals very much. I love to play with animals. I feed birds, cats, dogs etc. I want to have an animal farm one day.

I graduated tourism department in university so I like to travel to different places. I traveled a lot of cities of Turkey.

I like to play computer games. Especially, "Racing Games". I dont like football never.

I like walking near the sea. I want to picnic every time ..

I love babies. Especially;sweet, little, girl babies . I want to have a daughter. I love to play with babies.

I like garden Works. I want to have a garden near my home and to grow many frutis and vegatables.
I love nature very much.

I am single, never married. I am 1.82 m.,72 kg. I have dark brown (black) eyes and black hair. I have swart skin.

I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. I hate all of them. I never go to disco, night clubs, bars. I never go places where drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette. I never smoke cigarettes and never drink alcohol. The two of them are disgusting for me.

I like to meet with new friends. I can be friend with a person that in different religions, different cultures, different statuses. I can agree all as a friend if they are good humans. I think that Man and Woman are completely equal .

Good friendships.

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